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Nepal Ranks 102 in World Human Capital Index

Nepal has climbed to the ‘second’ position in the chart of South Asian Countries HDI


Nepal Ranks 102 in World Human Capital Index

Following its steady trend of development in terms of child mortality, health and education, the World Bank ranked Nepal at 102 out of 157 countries on the Human Capital Index (HCI) scale!

According to the World Bank Human Index Ranking, Nepal scored a 0.49 out of 1 (maximum score).

 This score indicates that a Nepal child born today will be 49 percent as productive when she grows up and enjoys complete education & full health.


Additionally, Nepal has upped its performance in terms of childhood survival rate where 97 out of 100 children survive till the age of five years. Despite this success rate, it has been observed that 36 out of 100 children suffer stunted growth resulting in cognitive and physical inabilities.

In terms of education, Nepal students can cover 11.7 years of education spanning pre-primary, primary and secondary school, by the age of 18 years. However, when these years are calculated as per years of quality learning, then the number of years come down by 4.8 years equal to 6.9 years of quality learning.

Nepal Second in South Asian Countries HCI
Interestingly, Nepal has climbed to the ‘second’ position in the chart of South Asian Countries HCI, after Sri Lanka.

“Nepal’s human capital index is higher than the average for its region and income group, which is a positive sign,” says Faris Hadad-Zervos, Country Manager, World Bank-Nepal.

“To further improve this, the World Bank is committed to working with the Government of Nepal to mobilize better and more efficient investment in people to ensure a globally competent generation,” said Faris.

With many development initiatives at the provincial and national levels, Nepal is bound to make improved progress in the coming years.

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