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COVID-19 Crisis: Over 500 Nepali Manpower Agencies on Verge of Collapse

Nearly 280,000 Nepali migrant workers have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.



COVID-19 Crisis: Over 500 Nepali Manpower Agencies on Verge of Collapse

Even though Nepal has recorded meager coronavirus infection cases than other countries, the socio-economic implications of the pandemic in the country are enormous.

Lately, the manpower companies have fallen prey to the coronavirus pandemic.

As many as 516 manpower agencies in Nepal are on the verge of collapse as the employment providing companies in foreign countries are severely hit by the pandemic.


As per the provision of the Foreign Employment Act, 2007, a manpower agency will be scrapped if it does not send at least 100 migrant workers to a foreign country.

Recently, the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) has ordered the manpower companies to submit details of at least 100 workers sent abroad in the last two fiscal years in order to get the renewal.

Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE)

The manpower agencies are reeling under high crisis as most of the Nepali migrant workers stranded in foreign lands are returning home as they lost their jobs.

According to the DoFE, around 127,000 Nepali migrants are expected to return home immediately while another 407,000 others are expected to return in the long run.

Among them, nearly 280,000 Nepalis have already lost their jobs as the labor destinations are in the throes of a recession due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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