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WHO Warns Nepal Over ‘Coronavirus’ – Live Updates

Movement of people between Nepal and China may spread the virus to Nepal




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WHO Warns Nepal Over ‘Coronavirus’ – Live Updates

Coronavirus is responsible for the outbreak of pneumonia in China, so the movement of people between Nepal and China could spread the deadly virus to Nepal, said the WHO.

Chinese health officials confirmed that the virus originated in a food market that was selling animals likes snakes for consumption.

It exclaimed that Nepal lacks proper healthcare institutes and research laboratories for treatment and diagnosis of highly infectious diseases caused by a coronavirus.


Traffic Police in Nepal

Live Updates on ‘Coronavirus’ (15 April 2020):

COVID-19 Live Updates


Till date, there are 82,295 confirmed coronavirus cases in China. The death toll has reached at least 3,342.

United States

  • Cases – 614,246
  • Deaths – 26,040
  • Recovered – 1868


  • Cases – 174,060
  • Deaths – 18,255
  • Recovered -19,259


  • Cases – 162,488
  • Deaths – 21,067


  • Cases – 11,487
  • Deaths – 393


  • Cases – 16
  • Deaths – 0

Other Countries (15th April 2020):

  • Germany – 132,210 confirmed cases, 3495 deaths
  • France – 143,303 confirmed cases, 15729 deaths
  • United Kingdom – 93,873 confirmed cases, 12103 deaths
  • Switzerland – 25,936 confirmed cases, 1176 deaths
  • Netherlands – 27,419 confirmed cases, 2945 deaths
  • Austria – 14,234 confirmed cases, 384 deaths
  • Australia – 6440 confirmed cases, 63 deaths
  • Pakistan – 6000 confirmed cases, 107 deaths

COVID19 Live Updates

Tracking Coronavirus  (COVID-19) Global Cases Worldwide (15 April 2020)

Coronavirus  (COVID-19) Global Cases Worldwide (15 April 2020)

Nepali Govt. Issues Strict Directives!

The Nepali Government is on high alert and has already taken necessary steps to prevent the possible risk of transmission of the virus into the country.

The Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Control Hospital (STIDH) and Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD) have already initiated health screening of passengers flying in from China, Japan, and Thailand.

A health desk to detect infection of the virus among the inbound tourists is deployed at Tribhuvan International Airport.

As of today,  16 coronavirus infection cases have been reported in Nepal.

In view of this, the Nepali Government has assigned the following five hospitals in Kathmandu for the treatment of coronavirus infected patients.

  • Sukraraj Tropical & Infectious Disease Hospital
  • Bir Hospital
  • Civil Hospital
  • Patan Hospital
  • Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH)

Moreover, the authorities at  Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) have taken the necessary steps for intensive health screening of the passengers from abroad.

Novel Corona Virus (nCOV) Nepal Stay Safe

Source: Government of Nepal

A Nepali who was back from Wuhan, China was kept under observation for suspected infection of coronavirus.

What is ‘Coronavirus’?

Coronavirus are a broad range of viruses that can cause infections ranging from mild upper-respiratory tract illnesses like common cold to much more serious diseases like SARS. The virus can spread from human to human and from animals to humans.

What is Coronavirus?

As of now, there is no sustained human-to-human transmission, however, the WHO has warned the countries to prepare for the possibility that there could be a wider outbreak.

Coronavirus Safety Nepali Language

Anyone suffering from fever, difficulty in breathing and respiratory illnesses should be quarantined to decrease the risk of contracting and spreading the disease, said Maria Van Kerkhove, acting head of WHO’s emerging diseases unit.

Methods of Protection from the New Corona Virus

Methods of Protection from the New Corona Virus

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