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COVID-19 in Nepal: 10 Nepali Movies Get Postponed!

Occupancy rate in theatres reached nearly 0% while some theatres cancelled shows.




COVID-19 in Nepal: 10 Nepali Movies Get Postponed!

Countries across the world are scrambling to come up with the best strategies to contain COVID-19 ‘pandemic’. Most of the governments have started implementing stringent policies even before their need is immediately obvious.

Some of the ‘coronavirus preventive measures’ include locking down cities, banning public gatherings, shutting down country borders, and closing movie theaters, restaurants, gyms and other leisure spots.

In contrast, the Nepal Motion Picture Association announced that the Nepali movie theaters will remain open as there are no coronavirus infection cases in the country till date.


However, the Association decided to distribute soaps, masks and sanitary products to all the theatres and directed the concerned authorities to take necessary precautionary measures against COVID-19.

Despite remaining open, the occupancy rate in the theatres has reached nearly 0% due to the growing coronavirus threat.

Chapali Height 3 and Premgeet 3

Michael Adhikari Nepali Movie

Owing to this, many movie makers have postponed their movie release dates.

Some of the movies include

  • Premgeet 3
  • Lakka Jawan
  • Michael Adhikari
  • Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2
  • Neerphool
  • Chapali Height 3
  • Badri Bahadur
  • Lappan Chhappan 2
  • Hijo Aaja Ka Kura
  • Hero Returns

Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2 – New Song

NEERPHOOL Nepali Movie Trailer

CHAPALI HEIGHT 3 Movie Teaser 2020

10 Best Melody Nepali Songs To Listen During Coronavirus Holiday

With no movies to be released in the coming months, the major theatre chains including QFX Cinemas, INI Cinemas and MidTown Cinemas have decided to shut down all their locations in the country.

According to the QFX Cinemas Owner Nakim Uddin, the partial lockdown will incur a loss of approximately NPR 50 crores to the Nepali movie industry within 2 months.

So far, the coronavirus has spread to 192 countries across the world infecting 338,724 people and claiming 14,687 lives.

After China, Italy became the new epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic witnessing the highest death toll of 793 in a day. As of March 23, 2020, Italy reported 59,138 infection cases and 5,476 death cases.

China, the worst affected country by coronavirus, confirmed 81,093 infection cases and 3,270 death cases.

Other Major Affected Countries

• USA – 34,717 cases, 452 deaths
• Spain – 28,768 cases, 1,772 deaths
• Germany – 24,873 cases, 94 deaths
• Iran – 21,638 cases, 1,685 deaths
• France – 16,018 cases, 674 deaths

Coronavirus News

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