Thursday 30th March 2023

Kathmandu City Allocates NPR 18.9Bn Budget for FY 2021/22

This year, too, the KMC has prioritized Covid-19 prevention in its annual budget.



Kathmandu City Allocates NPR 18.9Bn Budget for FY 2021/22

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has allocated a budget of NPR 18.9 billion for the upcoming fiscal year 2021/22.

Last fiscal the City had allocated a budget of 16.42 billion.

KMC Deputy Mayor Hari Prabha Khadgi today presented the budget at the 9th Municipal Assembly with the slogan ‘Cultural City, Kathmandu Metropolitan City.’


This year, the budget has been categorized into five sections, as follows:

Category Budget Allocated
Infrastructure Development NPR 10.5 billion
Administrative Sector and Office Operation NPR 3.7 billion
Social Development NPR 2.7 billion
Good Governance NPR 1.1 billion

Same as last year, the KMC has prioritized combating the coronavirus pandemic in this year’s annual budget.

Government of Nepal

“Our main concern is to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and make the City virus-free first,” said Deputy Mayor Khadgi. “The priority of the City should be towards vaccinating the City residents.”

Unlike in the past with ambitious projects like building monorails and flyovers, this time the city has more sensible objectives, mainly concerning the pandemic, informed DM.

As part of its COVID-19 Relief Plan, the KMC has declared a tax exemption of up to 80% for businesses, hotels, and tourism companies that have been hit by the pandemic. The City has also waived 10% on tenant’s tax from landlords.

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