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Annapurna Butterfly Museum Stands Out with Unique Collection

The museum is also home to Nepal’s largest butterfly Corman Birdming



Annapurna Butterfly Museum Stands Out with Unique Collection

Nothing like a bunch of butterflies fluttering around you in a picturesque scenery right?

Well, Nepal with its green pastures, white mountains and bustling fauna will leave you spell bound. Pokhara, the land famous as Nepal’s tourist hotspot, is home to a range of museums and the Annapurna Butterfly museum stands out from them all.

The Annapurna Butterfly Museum located in the Prithvi Narayan University campus displays almost all of Nepal’s 660 native species of butterfly and moth!


The museum has several dioramas that showcase a junction of moths and butterflies. The dioramas and meticulous index show visitors where these beautiful creatures were found.

Butterfly lovers also have a chance to enjoy the glimpse of butterflies preserved and encased in wooden drawers, grouped by species.

Annapurna Butterfly Museum

This arrangement gives visitors a chocolate-box view, where they easily become familiar with the different varieties of native moths and butterflies in a unique biosphere.

The Annapurna Butterfly Museum’s Attacus Atlas is a treat to moth lovers as it is the world’s largest moth in terms of ‘wingspan’.

The museum is also home to Nepal’s largest butterfly Corman Birdming.

Butterfly and moth enthusiasts touring Pokhara must make a trip to the Annapurna Butterfly Museum which presents a unique experience to visitors.

The museum is about 4.5 miles from the main tourist district of Lakeside. The entry I based on donation and the center remains open during normal business hours.

The butterfly paradise has been preserved for years by Colin Smith aka Mr Butterfly and Butterfly Baje. Thanks to his preservation efforts, the museum has its wondrous collection and a never-ending collection of amused tourists who spend hours together in the museum.

Annapurna Butterfly Museum

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