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Acclaimed Hollywood Actor Morgan Freeman in Kathmandu

The Evan Almighty star is shooting the show for renowned wildlife channel National Geographic.


Acclaimed Hollywood Actor Morgan Freeman in Kathmandu

Looks like Freeman is enjoying his time in Kathmandu!

The American Embassy, Nepal shared a photo of Morgan Freeman sporting the traditional Nepali outfit Daura Suruwal on December 04, 2018.

The renowned Hollywood actor was snapped while he was taking a walking in the Kathmandu’s inner city.

The Embassy shared his picture on its social media pages including Facebook and Twitter with the message, “Some people ask why do cultural preservation efforts matter? One of the answers is preserving them for future generations, as well as tourists & visitors like Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman! He even looks good in Nepali Daura Suruwal while touring cultural places in Kathmandu, don’t you think?”

Well, Freeman sure looks good in that traditional attire teamed with a muffler and coat! What say Nepali Sansar readers?

Hollywood Actor Morgan Freeman Facebook

Earlier, Academy Award-winner, actor, producer and narrator Freeman was seen in the city for a television shoot titled ‘Story of God’ on November 29, 2018.

A Twitter post by University of North Texas tweeted that one of their professors Pankaj Jain is filming a documentary in Kathmandu, which is part of 81-year Freeman’s show.

The Evan Almighty star is shooting the show for renowned wildlife channel National Geographic. A part of the show, Freeman visits several religious places and experiences different religions.

The series seeks to understand how faith molds human lives across the globe. Later on, Jain tweeted another post stating that he was shooting an episode with Morgan Freeman inside the Jain Bhawan of Kamal Pokhari.

Acclaimed Hollywood Actor Morgan Freeman in Kathmandu

However, Freeman’s visit duration has not been confirmed.

About Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has won recognition for many roles including the famous Million Dollar Baby for which he received the most prestigious Academy Award 2005 for Best Supporting Actor. He was also nominated for the Oscars for performances in Driving Miss Daisy, Invictus, The Shawshank Redemption and Street Smart.

Freeman is also recognized for his role as God in many movies. His raspy voice makes him the ‘voice of choice’ for many narratives, commentaries, and animated movies. He began his spectacular career with the 1970s children’s program The Electric Company.

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