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Nepal Releases National Education Policy-2019

Compulsory and free basic education for all!



Nepal Releases National Education Policy-2019

The Nepali Government has unveiled the ‘National Education Policy-2019’ at a press conference held at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, on December 11, 2019.

Educated, civilised, healthy and capable human resource, social justice, transformation and prosperity” is the primary vision of the policy.

The policy envisions to catapult the entire education system on par with the guidelines of the federal democratic republic system of the country.


Salient Features of the Nepal Education Policy 2019:

  • Compulsory and free basic education for all
  • Technical education for all

free basic education for all

According to the policy, specialized subjects such as Ayurveda will be included in health subjects such as nursing, dentistry, e-medicine and pharmacy.

Under the policy, the government will establish a state-of-the-art national science school to enhance educational opportunities in terms of science and technology.

Moreover, the government will organize technical and vocational education, and skill development programs to help volunteers attain practical skills and knowledge.

The policy also aims to provide education counseling services to the teachers. And, it proclaims that ‘Performance of teachers’ will be evaluated by taking ‘learning achievements of students’ into consideration.

The policy has envisaged the development of Nepal as an educational hub that offers a world-class education in specific subjects.

With this new educational policy, the Government of Nepal is aiming to achieve significant structural overhaul in education sector.

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