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Nepal’s Biggest Festival Season 2018

Nepal's Biggest Festival Season has three main festivals: Dashain, Tihar and Chhath

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Nepal’s Biggest Festival Season 2018

Nepal is known for its rich culture and heritage. As a country with majority Hindu population, Nepal celebrates festivals all through the year because of its diverse communities and ethnic groups that give it a special touch among other countries. 

Biggest Festival Season, as the name suggests, is the major celebration time for Nepal when it celebrates its biggest/longest festivals, usually the September-November period. The country receives huge traction globally during this period.

Nepal All Set for Its Major Festivals

  • Dashain (October 10 – October 24, 2018)
  • Tihar (November 07-09, 2018)
  • Chhath (November 13, 2018)


  • Most important festival for Nepalese that falls in the month of Kartik
  • A 15-day long festival that glorifies the victory of good over evil
  • Symbolized by Goddess Durga killing demon Mahisasura
  • Marks the remembrance of Lord Rama’s victory over demon-king Raavana
  • Celebration occurs during the bright lunar ght and ends on the Full Moon Day

Tihar: Festival of Lights

  • Second most important Nepali festival after Dashain
  • A 5-day celebration dedicated to different animals, Crow, Dog, Cow and Oxen are worshiped, followed by the overall worshiping of Goddess Lakshmi, the main deity
  • Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) is worshiped with oil lamps, candles and colorful lights lit in every house


  • A festival that falls on the 7th day after Tihar
  • Devotees observe fasts and make offerings to the Sun God by gathering at river banks
  • Majorly celebrated in Terai region and in Rani Pokhari tank in central Kathmandu

Preparations on Pace

Public & Transport 

  • Public movement during Dashain is considered as the largest annual migration in Nepal
  • Nearly 2.5 million leave the Kathmandu Valley for their homes during Dashain, every year

Arrangements by Government 

  • Major of educational and academic institutions announced holidays effective from October 10, 2018, while the government declared public holiday during October 16-20, 2018
  • State-owned Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) allocated Rs 40.67 million to purchase the animals
  • Government extended number of fair shops opened to ease the shopping of supply of daily essentials during Dashain and Tihar, and also directed officials to curb price hike on essential products
  • Inspection officials directed to check food adulteration across the hotels and restaurants

High Rise Demand for Animals 

  • More than 75,000 mountain goats, sheep and he-goats arranged for slaughter at the Kathmandu Valley, with more than 500 transported since a week
  • Around 100,155 live goats worth Rs 771 million imported from India for Dashain during mid-August to mid-September 2018

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