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Live News! Nepal Celebrates ‘Safe’ Happy New Year 2077 BS

COVID-19 threat has impeded the ‘2077 New Year’ celebrations.



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Live News! Nepal Celebrates ‘Safe’ Happy New Year 2077 BS

Nepal welcomed its ‘New Year 2077 BS’ on April 14, 2020 by exchanging greetings of best wishes across the nations.

Nepalis celebrate the new year based on their own Vedic calendar known as the ‘Bikram Era‘ or ‘Bikram Sambat‘.

57 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar, the Nepali New Year, known as ‘Nava Varsha‘ in the Nepali language, is marked when the Sun enters into the Aries from the Pisces.


Every year, Nepalis across the world celebrate the day by organizing picnics, get-togethers and various rituals.

Annual festivals like Bisket Jatra, Sindoor Jatra and Bode Jatra are celebrated in grace and style to welcome the New Year in traditional style.

Happy New Year 2077 BS

However, the 2077 New Year celebrations are quite different from the way it celebrates so far. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in this year’s New Year celebrations.

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Owing to the growing threat of deadly coronavirus, the Nepali Government has imposed stringent nationwide lockdown and has compelled people to stay at home.

So, the people are celebrating the New Year at their respective homes.

Nepal has reported only 12 coronavirus infection cases. However, the government is on high alert as the nation lacks adequate healthcare facilities to control the coronavirus in case of rapid spread.

Nepali Sansar wishes you a ‘Safe Happy New Year 2077’!

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