Tuesday 26th September 2023

Nepal to Procure NPR 2.25 Billion ‘COVID-19 Medial Equipment’

The medical equipment includes 67 different items with over 200,000 pieces PPEs.



Nepal to Procure NPR 2.25 Billion ‘COVID-19 Medial Equipment’

With the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country, the Nepali Government is working diligently to enhance its healthcare facilities with adequate medical equipment to control the contagion.

Lately, the Nepal Army (NA) has signed an agreement with China to procure essential medical supplies worth over NPR 2.25 billion.

The medical equipment will include 67 different items with over 200,000 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


The medical supplies weighing 342 tons will be procured in multiple stages with the first package arriving within seven days via chartered flights of Nepal Airlines and Shree Airlines.

Earlier, the NA Headquarters had written to China, India, South Korea, Singapore and Israel requesting the government to government deal for procuring medical supplies.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly has issued a 12-point directive to the Nepali Government to address the difficulties faced by the people during the lockdown.

The Legislation Management Committee President Parashuram Meghi Gurung requested the government to mobilize local administrations and representatives to address the issues faced by the daily wagers, workers, farmers and the general public.

Similarly, the Committee urged the government to make significant arrangements for reliable health care and safety of Nepalis residing in various foreign countries.

So far, the coronavirus has infected 42 people in Nepal. However, 5 patients have already recovered and discharged.

As of today, around 2.56 million people have been infected and 177,707 people died from coronavirus, globally. Among the 1,686,133 active cases, 1,628,836 patients are in mild condition and 57,297 are in a critical situation.

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