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Nepal COVID-19 Caseload Reaches ‘22,972’ With 380 New Cases!

A recent study revealed that 27% of people in Kathmandu were not wearing a mask.



Nepal COVID-19 Caseload Reaches ‘22,972’ With 380 New Cases!

So far, Nepal has reported 22,972 coronavirus cases and 76 death cases. Currently, there are 6,544 active cases and 16,353 recovery cases.

Globally, the coronavirus pandemic has claimed 733,997 lives till now and has infected over 20,025,245 people disrupting daily life across the world. Around 12,899,801 patients have recovered successfully.

The US continues to be the worst affected nation and became the first country to breach the record of 5 million cases on August 8, 2020. Brazil (3,035,582 cases, 101,136 deaths) and India (2,215,074 cases, 44,466 deaths) are the other worst-hit nations.


Meanwhile, New Zealand marked 100 days without any new coronavirus cases on August 9, 2020.

COVID-19 in Nepal

After appearing to have escaped the worst of the ongoing crisis the other nations have endured, Nepal began to see a rapid spike in coronavirus cases since it has lifted the lockdown. From July 28, the country was seeing over 200 cases each day.

In the last 24 hours, Nepal has recorded 380 new COVID-19 cases, taking the nation’s caseload to 22,972. Meanwhile, 40 patients were discharged from various hospitals across the country. The recovery rate stands at 71.1%.

Unfortunately, two people have lost life while undergoing treatment for coronavirus infection, taking the death toll to 76.

Kathmandu Valley Reports Highest Spike of 92 New Cases

On August 9, Kathmandu Valley reported the highest single-day spike of 92 new coronavirus cases. Among the total cases, 90 cases were reported in Kathmandu and 2 in Lalitpur.

Health experts argue that the number will increase in the coming days if the government fails to take concrete steps to stop the spread of coronavirus at the community level.

27% Not Wearing Mask in Kathmandu

27% Not Wearing Mask in Kathmandu

A study conducted by the Nepal Health Research Council has revealed that public health standards, protocols and practices were not followed effectively in the Kathmandu Valley. A team of around 40 health workers observed 4,502 people in public places such as vegetable markets, banks, government offices, public transport offices, and temples in the Valley for two days.

The study revealed that, among 4,502 people, only 72.1% (2,703) wore masks, while 27.9% were seen without a mask.

Among those wearing masks, 72.66% wore masks properly and 15.8% wore cloth masks.

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Other Shocking Revelations Include

  • Only 31.25% of the places were following social distance practices
  • Only 60% were providing soap, water and sanitizers for public
  • Only 20% of hospitals maintained social distancing
  • Over 50% of public vehicles were not following protocols for seating arrangements

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