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COVID-19 Vaccination for 60-65Y Old Starts from June 8!

The government has resumed the vaccination drive after the arrival of 800,000 doses of vaccine from China.




COVID-19 Vaccination for 60-65Y Old Starts from June 8!

The Nepali Government has decided to resume the COVID-19 vaccination drive, which was halted earlier due to a shortage of vaccines, from June 8, 2021.

According to Health Minister Hridayesh Tripathi, the decision to this effect came on the heels of the arrival of 800,000 vaccine doses from China.

People aged 60-65 years who are yet to receive COVID-19 dose will be inoculated across the country starting Tuesday. Nepal has a population of 850,000 people between the ages of 60 and 64.


Before this, people above 65 years of age were vaccinated in 63 districts and those above 55 years of age in 14 districts.

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The Family Welfare Division of the Department of Health Services is making preparations to ship vaccines to all the districts within five days and start the vaccination drive from June 8.

“As the vaccines arrive, we will continue to inoculate people,” said Minister Tripathi, indicating that there is a scope of procuring vaccines from China and the US in the near future.

However, the government has decided to use only 500,00 doses out of 1 million doses of vaccine received from China in the new vaccination drive. The rest will be used only after confirming the arrival of more vaccines from China, informed Tara Nath Pokhrel, Director at the Welfare Division.

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