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  • COVID-19 Spells Tough Times Ahead For Nepal: MoHP
    Wednesday 28th February 2024

    COVID-19 Spells ‘Tough Times’ Ahead For Nepal: MoHP

    In the last 24 hours, a total of 96,262 COVID-19 cases and 5,589 death cases were reported across the world.



    COVID-19 Spells ‘Tough Times’ Ahead For Nepal: MoHP

    So far, Nepal has reported 101 coronavirus infection cases and zero death cases. However, 22 patients were discharged after a successful recovery.

    As of today, the coronavirus has spread across the world, infecting over 3.9 million people and claiming 270,740 lives.

    Currently, 2,302,981 patients are undergoing treatment while 1,344,278 patients have recovered completely. Among the active cases, 2,253,999 patients are in mild condition and 48,982 are in critical condition.


    In the last 24 hours, a total of 96,262 COVID-19 cases and 5,589 death cases were reported across the world.

    COVID-19 Update in Nepal

    Even though the number of cases in the country is meager, Nepal has already taken a worst-hit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Nepali Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) Spokesperson Dr. Bikas Devkota has exclaimed that there are tough times ahead for the country due to the colossal impact of COVID-19.

    “If we are unable to do adequate work now, we have to face difficult times in the coming days,” said Dr. Bikas.

    He stressed that Nepal must work tremendously before the contagion becomes uncontrollable.

    Dr. Devkota expressed that Nepal has favorable conditions to prevent the coronavirus spread as the number of COVID-19 patients and their situation is not much complicated.

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    He added that the Nepali Government is working rigorously to expand COVID-19 testing and provide the necessary support to hospitals.

    • Total Confirmed Cases: 101
    • Quarantined:20,974
    • Isolated: 133
    • Active: 82
    • Recovered: 19
    • Deaths: zero
    • Total Swab Tested: 14,508

    Meanwhile, Dr. Bikas has urged Nepalis to follow personal hygiene, social distancing and lockdown regulations.

    According to the MoHP, the government has conducted COVID-19 tests on 68602 suspects, 14509 through the PCR method and 54093 through the RDT method.

    Nepali Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP)

    It has also mobilized teams from the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division and Nepal Army in the COVID-19 hot spots including Nepalgunj, Birgunj and Udayapur.

    COVID-19 Nepal Update


    The teams are supposed to collect a minimum of 500 samples from Udayapur and 1,000 each from Birgunj and Nepalgunj to control the coronavirus pandemic.

    May 8, 2020 |

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