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COVID-19 Nepalis: 500 Infected and 5 Dead in USA

Around 40,000 Nepalis live in New York, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak in the USA





COVID-19 Nepalis: 500 Infected and 5 Dead in USA

So far, the Nepal Government has somehow managed to protect its people by impeding the coronavirus spread in the country.

However, the government couldn’t address the concerns of Nepalis living in various countries abroad.

Nepalis living in the USA are at high stake as the country is grappling under the colossal impact of COVID-19. It is believed that around 40,000 Nepalis reside in New York, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak in the USA.


According to the Nepali Embassy in the USA, around 500 Nepalis residing in various parts of the USA have been tested positive for coronavirus.

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So far, 5 Nepalis have died from coronavirus in the USA. And, four among them died on April 4, 2020 in New York.

The deceased are as follows-

  • Sonam Lama
  • Thokme Bista
  • Nima Temba Sherpa
  • Ajaya Man Chhochu
  • Anil Limbu

“Last rites of the dead would be performed after contacting the families of deceased persons and representatives of local Nepali organizations,” said Legislature at the Maryland General Assembly Harry Bhandari.

The Nepali Embassy in the USA has initiated phone numbers for Nepalis to seek support in case of emergency.

Moreover, the Embassy also made diplomatic communication with the American Government to address the concerns including VISA expiry and unemployment allowances.

So far, the USA has reported 337,638 coronavirus infection cases and 9,647 death cases.

USA Coronavirus Infection Cases

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