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Visit Nepal 2020: Treehouses Attract Tourists

Subha Gantabya Resort attracts around 1000 tourists per day.




Visit Nepal 2020: Treehouses Attract Tourists

Amid the drastic drop in tourist arrivals in Nepal over coronavirus threat, Subha Gantabya Resort in Dharan has managed to outclass the contagion.

The resort with treehouses and innovative dining spaces at Shibhadhara of Dharan Sub-metropolis-13 has been attracting around 1000 tourists per day.

“People are thronging our resort because of the treehouses that we built for the first time not only in our city,’’ said Gyandip Limbu, owner of the resort.


Tree House

According to the resort management, the tourists are mainly from Dharan, Itahari, Biratnagar and surrounding cities. Even people from bordering areas of Bihar in India are visiting the resort on a daily basis to witness the treehouses.

With an investment of NPR 5 million, the Subha Gantabya Resort was the first to build the treehouses in the city and witnessed a commercial success.

The success of Subha Gantabya Resort has encouraged other organizations and tourist authorities to take the similar project.

Other Major Treehouse Projects

  • Yalambar Community Forest of Dharan-8 built a treehouse with a seating capacity of 20
  • Local Community Forest Users’ Group in Ilam constructed two treehouses
  • Local youth, Prem Limbu and Hemkumar Limbu constructed a treehouse in Dhankuta district

The construction of beautiful treehouses has transformed the ‘unknown’ areas to ‘new travelling hotspots’.

Let’s hope the treehouse project will help the Nepali tourism industry to attract 2 million tourists during the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign.

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