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COVID-19 Live Updates: Nepal ‘Suspends’ All Visas

2 Nepalis of Dhanusha tested positive for coronavirus.






COVID-19 Live Updates: Nepal ‘Suspends’ All Visas

In a bid to stave off the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, the Nepali Government has decided to suspend visas to all foreigners and Non-Resident Nepalis entering the nation from March 14 to April 13, 2020.

The visa suspension comes on the heels of the WHO’s declaration that covid-19 is a ‘pandemic’.

Earlier on March 10, 2020, Nepal has suspended ‘visa-on-arrival’ for the citizens of 8 countries including China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany and Spain.


However, the people from these countries will be allowed to Nepal if they produce a recently issued coronavirus-free health certificate.

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Meanwhile, the Nepali Government has decided to enforce a 14-day quarantine on these travelers. They will be allowed to go home only if they test asymptomatic to coronavirus after 14 days in isolation.

The high-level committee meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ishwor Pokharel has took the decision to cancel visas and discussed thoroughly on the nation’s preparedness to tackle the contagion.

The committee has decided to set up new quarantine wards and procure lab equipment and test kits.

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Likewise, the Nepali Government has decided to mobilize the health workers of Nepal Red Cross, Scout, Nepal Police, Nepal Army, medical colleges and other associated institutions in case of emergency.

It has also requested the citizens to stay alert and refrain from organizing or attending public assemblies, events, parties or any other mass gatherings.

However, the committee has not suspended the educational institutions and the scheduled examinations.

Two Nepalis Test Positive for #COVID-19

Two Nepalis, Shiva Kumar and Rajan Paswan, have tested positive for the coronavirus during a screening test at the Indian border Jayanagar on March 12,2020.

Coronavirus Outbreak

They were returning home in Dhanusha, Nepal from Ahmedabad, India.

After they tested positive for COVID-19, Shiva and Rajan were moved to the Sadar Hospital in Bihar, India for isolation.

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4 Simple steps to protect yourself and others from #COVID19

4 Simple steps to protect yourself and others from #COVID19

Global Coronavirus Overview

The countries across the world are scrambling to implement the best strategies possible to prevent coronavirus spread. So far, the deadly virus has spread to 127 countries, infecting 134,769 people and killing 4,983.

China has reported 80,814 infection cases and 3,177 death cases.

Meanwhile, India has reported its first case of coronavirus death on March 12, 2020, with 76 infection cases.

March 13, 2020 |

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