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Patihani, an Emerging Tourist Hub


Patihani, an Emerging Tourist Hub

July 7, 2017

Patihani of the Chitwan District is gaining popularity as an emerging tourist hub.

The tourist inflow at the area has increased over the last few weeks owing to its ability to showcase scenic beauty, culture and tradition of local and indigenous communities, among others.


Patihani boasts of rare and endangered species, such as single-horned rhino and gharial, among others. The sacred Chitamai Temple of Tharu community and Kamal Pokhari add to the uniqueness of the location, as per the locals.

With the rise in influx of tourists, the number of hotels and resorts around the area has also increased. “There were only eight hotels before 2011, but the number has tripled ever since,” says Saajan Mahat, president of Hotel Association of Patihani.

The area currently has around 22 hotels, each with a capacity of accommodating 10-80 beds.

According to the Patihani tourism board, the National Park, nearby, contributed to the rise of tourism at Patihani. Besides, the local hotels are also offering various entertaining activities, such as elephant ride and jungle safari, among others, says the board’s president.

In addition, the Madhyawarti Community Forest is also planning to start a jeep safari service from Patihani to Elephant Breeding Center, says its president, Tankanath Timalsin.

Cultural and traditional dance shows by local Tharu and Bote communities are among other highlights of the area that give the visitors a unique experience of local culture.

Tourists visiting Chitwa National Park (2 million, annually) can also be attracted towards Patihani, if proper arrangements, good food and other facilities are provided, opines Dilip Mainali, president, Chitwan Tourism Development Committee.

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