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Digital Marketing, A Growing Trend in Nepal!

Nepal has 93.5 percent Facebook & Instagram users and around 4.3 percent YouTube users



Digital Marketing, A Growing Trend in Nepal!

Digital trend seems to have picked up its due trend in Nepal!

The growing number of internet users and increasing mobile phone usage among Nepalis is adding to the digital media trend in Nepal, driven by existing social media platforms.

As the latest reports say, many companies in Nepal are considering social media marketing as an effective means to promote products and services on low budgets.


High rise in use of digital devices among populace is making many companies rely on digital marketing for a healthy business growth.

Growing number of social media users is key to the growth of the digital marketing business in Nepal, say the local digital advertising agencies and entrepreneurs.

According to them, big brands of Nepal are investing around NPR 3 million on digital marketing business, annually, compared to NPR 500,000/- few years ago.

“The benefit of social media is that we get more data and insights about our consumers and their habits. This helps us to connect to the targeted group and enables us to create content specific to their liking,” says Ujaya Shakya, Managing Director Of Outreach Nepal.

The share of digital advertising compared to other forms of media such as print, TV and radio has increased from 5 percent (two years ago) to 10 percent, adds the Advertising Association of Nepal.

With high usage of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Viber, Nepal is witnessing a fast growth in number of internet users. The country has 8.7 million Facebook users as of December 2017.

According to domestic social media marketers, the country has 93.5 percent Facebook & Instagram users and around 4.3 percent YouTube users.

Affordable internet prices, easy internet access and growing smartphone usage are adding to the boom!

“Nowadays, big brands have started allocating budgets for digital marketing,” says Bishes Karki, manager of Social Aves.

“The concept of influencer marketing can play a key role to drive brand awareness, build perception and increase purchase intent and trend with the next generation of consumers through creative content they trust,” says Sushant Biyali, Brand Manager at Uptrendly.

“Traditional media is very expensive and least impactful. The platform is less expensive and hits the target group directly. The use of social media has also helped us to achieve sales growth,” says Ramesh Danekhu, Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications & Marketing at MAW Enterprises.

These statements depict the level of digital media trend in Nepal, giving a larger scope for the country in technology-related development.

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