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Smart Phone & Internet Trend: Get the Best Out of It!

Nepal is one country that is most-spoken about today when it comes to increasing mobile revolution and skyrocketing number of internet users.


Smart Phone & Internet Trend: Get the Best Out of It!

Growing consumer demands and market advancements have made technology and internet part and parcel of one’s life.

This trend, basically driven by changing consumer buying tendencies and increasing disposable incomes, went to the next level with the mobile revolution.

Now, you don’t have to walk all the way to buy groceries, book tickets, shop or any purpose. Mobiles brought the things at your fingertips. A single screen touch makes a lot of difference.


This is the trend in common across the world. Mobile has become a basic criterion among public, irrespective of any society and living standards, globally.

And, Nepal is one country that is most-spoken about today when it comes to increasing mobile revolution and skyrocketing number of internet users.

“Recent statistics show Nepal has 38 million phone subscribers as of 2017.“

Advantages are always followed by disadvantages. This is a basic phenomenon in every process. Same is the case with mobiles!

Some effective ways one can adopt for effective utilization of the Smart Phone & Internet Trend:

1)  Choosing Rights Apps: You may have ‘N’ number of free/paid applications on your mobile store. But choosing a right one is important. Figure out what you require & what exactly works for you!

Mobile App

2) Safe Browsing: Data on mobile is one boon that we have to find anything on internet. But, unsafe browsing can land you in problems. Ensure you access right sites and is not carried away by diverting notifications on the screen that can be in the form of ads, pop-ups, videos, etc.

Safe Browsing

3) Beware of cyberthreats: If you an ardent online shopper, then you should be very aware of what you shop online. Fraudulent activities could be searching for you! Beware of what you pay for and the online platforms you use for payments. Ensure you disable options like ‘save password’, etc.!

Beware of Cyberthreats

4) SMS and Calls: Having a mobile in hand means being open to calls and messages of any type. You might be receiving irrelevant messages or calls asking you about your confidential information. Ignoring them sometimes might not solve the problem. Often, you might have to take a step further to report about such irrelevant notifications to customer care, who may guide you further.

SMS and Calls

5) Notes & Calendar: With mobile in hand, you don’t need to carry any extra burden of remembering things, which we often forget in busy schedules. Make the best utilization of ‘notes & calendar’ feature of your mobile to save your quick notes, special events, many more!

Notes and Calendar

6) eLearning: Your smart phone can be your library. Entertainment apart, your smart phone can also be a place where you store you study materials and read them whenever you wish to. So, what are you waiting for? Carry your walking library!


7) Work: Given the fact that your smart phone accompanies you all the time, why can’t it be your work-place as well? Yes, it can! Today’s app development driven by cloud technology has made it easier making all the things available over the network. The only thing you need is a platform for those apps to work on. A smart phone in hand with good features can help you out, as a mini-computer.


List not exhaustive! There are many such advantages that the smart phone & internet trend offer you. It’s all what and how you make use of them!

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