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Nepal Plans New Procedure to Assess Local-level Development

The proposed plan aims to collect all-round information of local bodies to plan further development

Nepal Plans New Procedure to Assess Local-level Development

Nepal’s Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) is coming up with a new proposal that aims to empower and enhance the portfolio of local bodies.

The Ministry has reportedly formed the Rural/Urban Profile Preparation Procedure that would help local bodies maintain uniformity in dealing with information they collect at local levels.

The proposed plan will aid local bodies in data collection, analysis and formulation of data-based development plans through the profiles developed for every local level.


In line with the procedure, the Ministry has also developed a new software for collection and analysis of information.

The Ministry decision is in line with the constitutional provision that mandates collection of public data across local levels along with records of all key social aspects such as unemployment.

Even the Local Government Operation Act also mandates collection and maintenance of local-level information.

“It is impossible to formulate development policies without evidences in today’s world. Basic and primary data come as prerequisites for this purpose. Similarly, fragmented and updated data are necessary for the formulation of long-term, annual, sectoral and strategic plan of rural municipalities and municipalities,” MoFAGA said in a release.

The Ministry further informed that the new procedure will form the basis for implementation of developmental plans across the local levels.

A local-level profile under the new procedure involves a detailed information about population, demography, social characteristics, resource base, economic scenario and progress status based on basic data, indicators and baseline information.

Every local-level profile will undergo seven stages for the approval of format, action plan, survey, collection, analysis, presentation, draft preparation, authentication, preparation and publication.

Hope the new procedure will contribute to government’s efforts of filling developmental gaps at the local level.

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