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Nepal Film Industry Relishes Taste of Success

Nepal Movies like Loot, Chhakka Panja 1 and 2, Kohinoor and Satru Gate earned more than Rs 100 million at the box office


Nepal Film Industry Relishes Taste of Success

Nepal film industry seems to be scaling great heights going by the growing number of movie buffs hounding cinema theaters across the country!

Movies like Loot, Chhakka Panja 1 and 2, Kohinoor and Satru Gate earned more than Rs 100 million at the box office. Deepa Shree Niraula’s Chhakka Panja, a 2016-blockbuster alone made Rs 160 million exceeding its budget of Rs 10 million.

Industry experts identify digital rights, new breed of storytellers, modern technology, attractive sets, veteran actors as the key factors that drive the Nepal film industry.


Influence of Factors
Selling Digital Rights: Movie producers rake huge profits by selling digital rights to online movie portals. Film makers receive anywhere between Rs 1.7 – 10 million on selling these rights.

Earning Through Ticket Prices: Multiplexes with ‘high ticket price tags’ also have a major contribution to the Nepal film industry’s ‘big earnings’.

Modern Technology: Film critic and journalist Prakash Subedi says that all the movie-related work in the industry is done with the help of modern technology.

Blockbuster-‘Kohinoor’ director Akash Adhikari seconds this when he says, ‘film making technology has advanced’.

Nepali movies dominate 70 percent of the market while Bollywood and Hollywood make up the rest of the films screened in Nepali theaters, he added.

What Industry Experts Have to Say..
Film Journalist and lyricist Naresh Bhattarai opines that one of the reasons for the industry’s success scenario is the ‘right release date’.

Chakka Panja and KohinoorThese days, Nepali movies are released across the country on the same day unlike earlier when differential release dates affected revenue. Worldwide release also positively influences revenues.

According to Subedi, about 100 Nepali movies are released every year with each movie requires an investment of Rs 10 million.

However, film distributor and producer Sunil Manandhar has a different take when he says 90 percent of the movies don’t get their expected revenues. Only 10 percent of the films make money and half of this percentage earn double of their production budget he adds.

Reveling in Their Success
nepal moneyThe increased earnings is encouraging producers to invest more funds on promotion activity. Bhattarai says that Nepali film producers were making Rs 1-2.5 million per movie through promotion.

Actors’ remunerations have taken a jump alongside the box office collections!

Recognized actors are paid over Rs 4.5 million while lesser-known actors earn between Rs 2-2.5 million, revealed an industry insider.

“With the gradual improvement of the movie environment in the country, Nepali films can compete with international films as we have great directors, producers, actors and technology in the industry,” says Subedi while talking about the success of the industry.

Way Forward!
Nepali film producers are eagerly forward to the ‘Box office collections regulations’ and are hopeful that its introduction will give the industry encourage the industry by bringing about transparency in ticket sales.

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