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90% of Nepali Drug Market Import-Dependent!

Despite the annual revenue of Rs 70 billion, Nepal still lags in quality drug manufacture



90% of Nepali Drug Market Import-Dependent!

Providing an interesting update on the drug market scenario in Nepal, Nepal’s Chemist and Drug Association (NCDA) reveals that the country makes an annual revenue of Rs 70 billion from this market!

According to Nepal Department of Drug Administration (DDA), the country consumes drugs worth Rs 36 billion with Kathmandu Valley alone accounting 50 percent of drugs, annually. These figures include both imported and home-bound drugs and medicines.

Treatment for chronic diseases and presence of improvised healthcare in the Valley draws a majority of the country’s population to this side of Nepal.


Some Interesting Figures:

  • According to DDA Director General Narayan Dhakal, 45 types of medicines are manufactured in Nepal while the remaining are imported from India and third-world countries
  • NCDA General Secretary Hari Prasad Bidari reveals that the 70 billion market share includes prices of drugs raw materials and surgical equipment
  • According to Nepal Medicine Importers Association (MIA) General Secretary Pawan Acharya says, Nepal imports drugs worth Rs 26 billion annually
  • 80-90 percent of drugs in Nepal are imported from Indian and third-world countries
  • According to DDA, 21,000 Nepali pharmacies have been registered with the governing body while 5,000 remain unregistered
  • Currently, only 70 of the 90 registered pharmaceuticals in Nepal offer human drugs
  • There has been a continuous rise in number of Nepalis using drugs without prescription

Dhakal states that DDA has been continuously monitoring the overall drug market with quality as a key metric.

Despite the Rs 70 billion drug market, its alarming that Nepal majorly depends on drug imports from other countries and on Kathmandu Valley alone for better treatment and healthcare facilities.

Hence, the country has a long way to go in attaining self-sufficiency in drug supply and manufacture to ensure quality healthcare for its citizens.

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