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COVD-19 Lockdown: Nepalis ‘Stranded Abroad’ Appeal for Rescue

Around 300 Nepalis in US and 30 in UAE appeal the Nepali Government for immediate rescue.



COVD-19 Lockdown: Nepalis ‘Stranded Abroad’ Appeal for Rescue

The Nepali government is leaving no stone unturned to protect the country from the socio-economic impact of coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Nepalis stranded in foreign countries due to lockdown are being neglected and the government has made no earnest efforts for rescuing them.

Nepalis stranded in the American and European countries are at high stake as these counties are grappling under the colossal impact of the coronavirus pandemic


So far, the coronavirus has infected 1,983 Nepalis and claimed 49 lives in 24 foreign countries.

In the wake of the growing threat, the Nepalis stranded in various countries are appealing to the Nepali Government for their immediate rescue.

1) Nepalis Stranded in USA

Over 300 Nepalis who went to America on different visas have been stranded in the country due to nationwide lockdown incited by coronavirus.

Batas Organization headquartered in Pokhara has been collecting the information of the Nepalis stranded in America.

“We bear fare expenses on our own and stay in quarantine. We want the government only to create an environment for our return,” said Shanta Raj Batas, Executive Director of Batas organization.

2) Nepalis Stranded in UAE

Around 30 Nepali migrant workers have been stranded in the UAE and appealed for immediate rescue.

They went to the UAE 10 months ago to work as security guards at the Leader Security Service company. However, they were not receiving their salary from the last three months and were jobless since last month.

Currently, they are living at the UAE’s Sharjah based Sanaiya-3 labor camp.

“We continued to work in spite of less salary. Later the company stopped paying us,” said Bharat Joshi, one of the victims.

“We cannot put up with this mental torture anymore. We appeal to the Nepali Embassy and the Nepali Government to rescue us at the earliest,” exclaimed another victim.

3) Nepalis Stranded in India

Surprisingly, the Nepali government has not initiated any plans to bring home the Nepalis stranded in various border towns in India.

Nepalis Stranded in India

Although the federal and state authorities are working enthusiastically to rescue people stranded in Kathmandu. They are not showing interest in rescuing people who have spent more than a month in quarantine in Indian towns at the border.

“Although arrangements have been made for keeping in quarantine the people entering the district from India, nobody seems to be serious regarding bringing the Nepali citizens home,” said Security Chief Officer in Kanchanpur district.

So far, Nepal has reported only 52 coronavirus infection cases and zero death cases. However, 16 patients have already discharged after a successful recovery.

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