Tuesday 26th September 2023

Nepal receives vital medical supplies from Germany

The European nation donated these medical resources to strong-arm Nepal in its COVID-19 combat




Nepal receives vital medical supplies from Germany

Germany has donated critical medical supplies to Nepal as the latter continues to fight the deadly virus with its limited medical resources. 112 ventilators, 29,000 oximeters and 34,030,000 surgical masks, isolation tents, 400 gumboots, and 34,030,00 K95 masks constitute some of the aid. Nepal has received the first batch of aid on Tuesday.

“This German support of today is part of a bigger European effort. I am grateful to the European Civil Protection Mechanism for ensuring coordination amongst all EU Member States and for organizing our transport logistics. And I am confident that here in Nepal, through the Nepali tracking system eLMIS, these goods will reach the places in Nepal where they are really needed,” said German Ambassador to Nepal, Roland Schafer.

Nepali Health Minister Sher Bahadur Tamang received aid was from the German Ambassador Schäfer. Also present were other ambassadors of France and Finland.


The Himalayan country previously received a series of humanitarian aids from Spain, Finland, France, and Belgium. The shipments were these facilitated by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism, more shipments are to follow.

“We also need more vaccines, to make us all safe. The EU has already exported 240 million doses to 90 countries, which is about as much as we have used within the EU. And the European industrial partners have committed to deliver 1.3 billion doses of vaccines before the end of 2021 to low-income countries at no-profit and to middle-income countries at lower prices. This is the real effect of “Team Europe”. Nepal should be able to receive or purchase its share of vaccines by the end of the year,” added German Ambassador Schäfer.

Medical Supplies From Germany

While receiving the German shipment, the Health Minister of Nepal expressed gratitude on behalf of the Nepali government and the nation to Germany for their continuing support in Nepali’s COVID-19 response. The Minister reiterated that this aid would be very vital in their fight against the deadly virus.

Tuesday oversaw the arrival of the German aid, which contained 62 ventilators; 27,500 FFP2 masks; 30,000 surgical masks; 100 gumboots; 200 body bags; five isolation center tents; and 25,000 liters of disinfectant. Many more medical German supplies will follow, and the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism also facilitates this aid of Germany.

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