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Nepal’s COVID-19 new cases increase in 24 hours by 3,024

The deadly virus continues to ravage the country



Nepal’s COVID-19 new cases increase in 24 hours by 3,024

The health ministry has confirmed 3,024 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours. These data figures bring the total COVID-19 tally to 601,693 on Sunday afternoon.

The new cases came to light after 10,471 swab tests were done. Of all the swab tests, the health ministry confirmed that 3,024 new cases cropped up.

This accelerated the undesired positivity rate up to 28.9%. Additionally, 455 people tested positive when they underwent antigen testing. This unwelcome development brought the entire active caseload to 89,217.


6,514 people are currently hospitalized, and 1,442 infected are in intensive care units. 381 of the afflicted are on ventilators. More than 700 of them have been quarantined. Unfortunately, the virus claimed 99 lives in the the 24 hours.

Nepal Covid Cases

However, the country witnessed 6,636 people completely recovering from the viral infection. The recovery rate stood at 83.5%.

Although the tally of 601,693 is daunting, Nepal has so far overseen the recovery of 491,009 people. However, the Himalayan country lost 7,898 people due to the pandemic.

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