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Nepal Plans to Engage Private Sector in COVID-19 Vaccination Drive!

The private sector can charge only 10% extra while providing the vaccination service.



Nepal Plans to Engage Private Sector in COVID-19 Vaccination Drive!

The Nepali Government has decided to engage private organizations in the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination drive.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), the private sector is now permitted to inoculate the coronavirus vaccine.

“We are now collaborating with private sectors as well,” said Laxman Aryal, Secretary at the MoHP.


However, the private sector would be administering the vaccine at price fixed by the government.  The private companies are instructed to charge only 10 percent extra while providing the vaccination service. With this, the COVID-19 vaccine will cost around NPR 2,200 per dose.

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According to Dr. Shyamraj Upretry, Coordinator of COVID-19 Vaccination Management Committee, though the government took the decision to this effect three weeks ago, it is expected to take four or five months to implement this decision.

Dr Shyamraj Upretry

However, in order to participate in the vaccination drive, the private sector must meet specific processes and criteria set by the Nepali Government.

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“They should receive permission from the MoHP, the vaccination center must be a registered one, there should be a vaccine storage center, and they should be ready to charge the amount fixed by the government for the service,” said Dr. Upretry.

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