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COVID-19 Nepal: Businesses to Pay ‘Half Salary’ Amid Shutdown!

Businesses that are in operation have agreed to pay full salary to their workers.




COVID-19 Nepal: Businesses to Pay ‘Half Salary’ Amid Shutdown!

While the Nepali Government is striving to protect every citizen from the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations, companies, unions and individuals are coming forward to support the nation in every feasible way.

Lately, the Nepali employers and employee unions have discussed to provide financial support to the workers during the uncertain crisis incited by the COVID-19, in a meeting on April 19, 2020.

The agreements include-

  • Businesses that are shut during the lockdown should pay half the salary to their staff
  • Businesses that are in operation should pay full salary to their staff

The members participated in the meeting are from-

  • Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI)
  • Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI)
  • Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC)
  • Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC)
  • General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GFNTU)

The employee unions have demanded that the essential service providers that are operating even during lockdown should pay full salary to their staff. Those services include food industries, pharmaceutical companies and banks, among others.

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However, many businesses that are completely closed due to COVID-19 lockdown have been seeking support from the Nepali Government to sustain their employees.

completely closed due to COVID-19 lockdown

Recently, the FNCCI had urged the Nepali Government to provide a special loan facility to pay salaries to the industry workers.

A few entrepreneurs have exclaimed that they are not in a position to pay even half salary to their workers due to the complete shutdown of their business.

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However, the employee unions have opposed the idea of not paying salary or laying off employees.

“Everybody, including businesses and workers, is suffering. Workers and employers should create a win-win situation in this critical phase of time,” said Puskar Acharya, NTUC President.

“It is the responsibility of workers to help sustain businesses, while it is equally important that businesses take care of their workers. But no business can say workers will not be paid in the time of such crisis,” he added.

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So far, Nepal has reported only 31 coronavirus infection cases. However, the government has extended the lockdown till April 27 as part of measures to stem the spread of coronavirus in the country.

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