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  • Nepal Weekly Round-up: June 08-14, 2019
    Sunday 25th February 2024

    Nepal Weekly Round-up: June 08-14, 2019

    Nepal Important News Updates for the Week of June 08-14, 2019.




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    Nepal Weekly Round-up: June 08-14, 2019

    Nepali Sansar presents you with some important news updates for the week of June 08-14, 2019.

    Nepal made headline for some major developments in areas of politics, tourism, infrastructure, entertainment and bilateral ties that drew attention from spectators, nationally and internationally.

    Let’s take a look:


    1)  Banana Farming Creates 60,000 Jobs

    Banana Farming Nepal

    A recent update from Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation reveals that Banana farming has created 60,000 jobs in Nepal. While 36,000 people are already involved in banana farming, the practice has created place for another 15,000 people, says Tek Bahadur Singh, Banana Expert at the Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

    2)  New Nepali Song Features Bollywood’s Sunny Leone

    Nepali Song Bollywoods Sunny Leone

    Upcoming Nepali movie ‘Password’ features Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. Filmmakers released the song Aajako Sanam on June 13, 2019. Nepalis will also get to see their favorite actor Anup Bikram. While Durga Kharel has given his voice for the song.

    3)  PM Oli Urges French Investment in Nepal

    PM Oli Urges French Investment in Nepal

    As part of his 9-Day Europe Trip, Nepal PM Oli visited Paris on a formal visit to the French city. During his visit, Oli met and interacted with representatives from the French Business Community and French companies. He urged French investors to invest in Nepal.

    4)  Dhaulagari Base Camp Trekking Route Now Wider!

    Dhaulagari Base Camp Trekking Nepal

    The trekking route to Dhaulagiri’s base camp is now repaired and widened.  The 9.4 km route was widened and stone steps were constructed. The trekking route between Naurabhir and Sallaghari was completed at a cost of NPR 5 million. The funds for the project were provided by the Gandaki State Government’s Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment.

    5)  Former Education Minister Passes Away

    Nepals Education Minister Dhaniram Poudel Passes Away

    Nepal mourns the loss of former education minister Dhaniram Poudel on June 14, 2019. Member of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, Poudel, died after succumbing to a heart attack at 53 years. He was elected as Education Minister between 2016-17. Besides a political career, he also pursued writing and was a journalist.

    6)  Govt Cancels Hike on Public Transport Fare

    Nepal Govt Cancels Hike on Public Transport

    The Nepal Government has taken back its decision to hike public transportation fare after directions from the Prime Minister’s Office. The government had planned to hike the fare by 12 percent. Along with this decision, it has also withdrawn operation of night bus services.

    7)  Bagmati Corridor Still Underway After A Decade

    Bagmati Corridor Still Underway Nepal

    The Bagmati corridor remains a dream for many who worked to provide safety, security and natural beauty to the river flowing through Kathmandu Valley. The construction is still underway even after 10 years of commencement. Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project and High Powered Committee for Integrated Development of the Bagmati Civilization have undertaken the responsibility to build the Bagmati Corridor in different phases. As per recent committee estimates, the bridge will take another five years to be constructed.

    8)  Nepal Plans to Buy Indian Chemical Fertilizers Via G2G

    Nepal Buy Indian Chemical Fertilizers

    The Nepal Government has decided to purchase chemical fertilizers from India via a G2G process. The information was shared by the Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Baskota.

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