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US Picks Nepal for Its High-Profile Project in Indo-Pacific


US Picks Nepal for Its High-Profile Project in Indo-Pacific

September 08, 2017

Nepal has been selected for one of the most high-profile development projects of the United States in Indo-Pacific, informed a top US diplomat.

This socio-economic project aims at boosting regional stability, connectivity and economic growth in Indo-Pacific.


Alice Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, made an official statement in this regard at a congressional meeting held in Washington, recently.

“Nepal has been selected for one of the US most high-profile projects to increase regional connectivity within the Indo-Pacific. If these efforts succeed, Nepal will serve as a model for other fragile post-conflict democracies,” reads a statement by Wells.

Wells also told the Congress that US will help Nepal in building a stronger democracy that could address persistent conflicts and promote economic growth and regional stability.

“In addition to supporting a stable, democratic government that respects the rule of law, the United States promotes investor-friendly energy development and regional connectivity,” she added.

These statements are coming ahead of the Wells’ scheduled meet with the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific on Maintaining US Influence in South Asia: The 2018 Budget.

Other Major Projects in the Pipeline

The US agency Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has also committed for its first South Asia compact agreement with Nepal.

Under the pact to be signed later in this month, MCC will be providing a grant of USD 500 million to Nepal, making it the biggest-ever grant for Nepal from any of its single partner countries. This project will focus on infrastructure development in transport and energy sectors of Nepal.

Apart from that, the US foreign assistance request of USD 38.8 million also aims at improving Nepali democracy and accountability and transparency within Nepali Government.

As a whole, for 2018, the US assistance measures aim at strengthening education and health services, along with efforts to support long-term sustainable economic growth.

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