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Famous Nepali Comedian Plays Donald Trump


Famous Nepali Comedian Plays Donald Trump

September 07, 2017

If there is any show coming up from the Nepali comedian Manoj Gajurel, it’s no doubt a sensation!

After impersonating Nepal’s last king Gyanendra and drawing wide public attention, Gajurel is back again with another sensation. This time it’s the United States President Donald Trump!


In a show held in Kathmandu yesterday, Gajurel appeared as Donald Trump in Trump’s typical dressing style of blue suit and red tie and with a blond wig.

With the act of shouting at a prominent Nepali journalist, Gajurel portrayed Trump’s attitude and the way he reacts to journalists in response to their weird questions.

“This is the fake media,” shouted Gajurel in a typical American style, which also had native language influence. This act drew public into huge laughter and applause.

“World politics is now very narrow. If something happens in America, in Nepal it is also connected. That’s why I chose Donald Trump,” said Gajurel post the show.

Gajurel had to do a two-year long observation, watching Trump’s videos on YouTube, to finally portray Trump’s mannerism. Apart from dressing and hair style, Gajurel had to take a special care on teeth to fit in the role.

“You can see my teeth are not very beautiful, but Trump’s teeth are very good. To be Donald Trump I had to make very beautiful teeth,” says Gajurel.

Prior to this, it was in 2006 that Gajurel took on Nepal’s King Gyanendra, for which, he even received threat calls from Gyanendra’s supporters. “I enjoyed the threats because if someone threatens me, it means I am on the right track,” says Gajurel, in his typical style, on the threats he received.

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