Shreya Sotang Explores Nepal in Her Third Music Video



Shreya Sotang Explores Nepal in Her Third Music Video

June 13, 2017

After a gap of two years, Shreya Sotang released her third music video from her second album ‘Prelude’ on May 24. The song titled ‘Maya Ho Ki Haina’ is featuring Shreya in the video with Bigyan Udas. Shreya plays a girl in love dreaming about her man. The video has received more than one lakh views since its release.

Shreya wanted all her songs to have a good exposure in the media. She thinks that when an album is released, some songs are ignored and this is the reason why she takes such a long gap to release each of her songs.

The video has been shot in various locations in Nepal, which Shreya believes will promote Nepali tourism.

During the shoot, Shreya did rafting and horse riding.

Director Pasang Yonzon Lama has shot the video, Pratima Shrestha has written the lyrics and Kalyan Singh has composed the song.

June 13, 2017 |

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