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Nepal Welcomes Policy Think-Tanks, Pledges No Govt Interference!

PM calls on for speeding up of development activities halted by policy issues

Nepal Welcomes Policy Think-Tanks, Pledges No Govt Interference!

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli welcomed Public Policy Foundation (PPF) as Nepal’s new public policy think-tank.

Welcoming the foundation, the Prime Minister said there will not be any government interference in its matters and would instead support its activities in all ways.

Oli said this at an event held in Singha Durbar welcoming the inception of PPF as the country’s new policy-policy think-tank.


PPF intends to bring research-based and fact-based issues to the government’s notice and pitches for formulation of national policies on the same, if required.

“Where is the place to interfere the report unveiled by doing independent research by the Foundation?” the PM asked, adding that the government is open to accept all the necessary recommendations.

Addressing the gathering, PM called on the need for speeding up the development activities that is going slow due to various issues such as policy issues.

“The policies hindering the development process should be mended wherever they are,” said KP Sharma Oli Nepal PM.

On the occasion, Oli urged PPF to review all the existing policies in coordination with the concerned ministries, National Planning Commission and universities.

“The government has taken the policy to take and give maximum outputs in low costs. Our concern is good-governance and development. Contribution of all is needed to support this,” he said seeking the support of the country’s Think Tank Group.

As part of the meet, Foundation Coordinator Prof Chaitanya Mishra shared their working paper on objectives and programs they have planned under PPF.

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