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International Workshop on ‘Right to Food’ Underway in Nepal


International Workshop on ‘Right to Food’ Underway in Nepal

November 03, 2017

An international workshop on ‘Right to Food’, being participated by human rights activists from more than 50 countries, is currently underway in Kathmandu.

The five-day workshop that began on October 31, 2017 is being organized by a member-based human rights organization called Food-first Information and Action Network Nepal (FIAN Nepal).

With this, FIAN International has brought in the human rights activists belonging to its associated countries.

“The workshop discussed on food deprivation among people in national and international communities and ways to resolve the issue,” informed Ashok Singh, Director of FIAN Nepal, speaking in this regard.

On the occasion, the FIAN International council meeting was also held in Kathmandu.

The organization is actively into promoting and advocating for the realization of human rights related to in Nepal.

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Mohana Ansari, FIAN Nepal Chairperson Mr. Ammar Bahadur Air and General Secretary of FIAN Nepal Satya Twayna were among other key personalities who attended the event.

November 3, 2017 |

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