Film Southasia 2017, A Festival of Documentaries



Film Southasia 2017, A Festival of Documentaries

Nepal is currently witnessing the 11th edition of the South Asian film festival called Film Southasia (FSA), a festival of South Asian documentaries that is being held from November 2-5, 2017.

The five-day FSA 2017 festival being celebrated with the theme ‘Documentary Bears Witness’, is set to screen a total of 63 films selected from more than 300 submissions, the highest number of films being screened in the festival’s history.

Festival of Documentaries

The films to be screened at the festival include documentaries on current affairs that portray the public life and living in the region.

“South Asia is going through hard times and the documentaries we have curated for the festival reflect the human condition of the region,” says Kanak Mani Dixit, Chair of FSA, speaking at a press meet organized a day before the festival opening on November 02, 2017.

According to FSA Director Mitu Varma, “The audience also has a unique opportunity of viewing 12 Documentaries of Dissent, which have been banned or censored in other parts of South Asia.”

Pointing out at the functioning of film censorship across South Asia, Varma claimed that this festival reflects the courage of filmmakers in revealing truth through such films in the festival.

Mani Dixit and Mitu Varma said Kathmandu has the best audience for non-fiction films in South Asia and the organizers have also expressed their willingness to organize rescreening in line with the demand.

Festival Began with Documentaries of Dissent

The festival kickstarted on November 02, 2017 at Yala Maya Kendra with the screening of Student Films and Documentaries of Dissent, along with a masterclass by the festival Chief Guest Sashi Kumar.

The program moved on further with a grand evening ceremony screening Chandrasekhar Reddy’s Fireflies in the Abyss that depicts the life of Nepali migrant workers working in coal pits of Meghalaya. 

“While every film in the festival is worth your time, some of films such as Holy Cow, Sawari, Among the Believers and Satisaal in Inferno should not be missed,” says Dixit in a press meet.

To help the audience, the organisers have categorized the films by sub-genres and have also released a mobile app- Film Southasia 2017 that gives complete details about the event.

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