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5 Smart Approaches to Keep Your Employees Happy

Employee satisfaction goes beyond making money and receiving hikes

5 Smart Approaches to Keep Your Employees Happy

It does not end with receiving a fat-pay cheque or a series of hikes and bonuses. Employee satisfaction goes beyond making money and receiving hikes. Job satisfaction comes from a work-driven yet healthy environment, empathetic mentoring, managerial support and much more.

It is crucial to understand what goes in the long run to retain employees who strive to make your business meet its success.

According to recent studies conducted by industry experts, employees with high job satisfaction are usually more productive, engaged and show loyalty to their companies.


Most hiring managers, HR experts and decision makers can bet on the fact that salary isn’t the only component that drives job satisfaction.

Want to know the secrets to making a happy employee or a team of happy employees? Here are 5 guidelines that can help:

1) Including Employees in the Bigger Picture
Employees Bigger PictureWhen employees don’t understand how or why their work is going to help the organization, they tend to lose directionality which effects the way they perform. Keeping your employees informed about organizational goals, plans and challenges puts them into the context, helps them understand their role in the bigger picture and encourages them to come up with ideas and inputs that drive business growth.

“When you create transparency, you can harness the full intelligence of the team, move faster and smarter, and achieve so much more together,” says Shirley Baumer, Product Manager Software Company Monday.com.

2) Equipping Yourself with Good Managerial Skills
Employees like when their managers motivate them, it helps them do better. The more they feel appreciated, the better they perform.

Following three responses topped the list in a survey that checked ‘what do employees like the most about a manager:

  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Ability to Delegate

Rather than just promoting persons and leaving them to learn managerial skills, top management should ensure that they get the required training to better delegate, motivate and communicate in a fine manner with the team. Show them that they matter!

3) Appreciate Your Employees
Appreciate EmployeesFeeling appreciated equals doubled productivity. When employees have a sense of recognition for their work, they tend to perform exceedingly well. Even a little as a ‘thumbs up’ can go a long way in keeping your employees’ spirits high at work. Verbal, written or monetary, however you chose to reward your employee, it is an act of rewarding yourself!

4) Allow Your Employees to Choose
Employees ChooseAn industry of interest and an industry that drives positive global change are two most important factors in motivating employees to perform better. These two elements beat a high salary in terms of creating happiness at work. When employees see how mission-driven your company is, they feel inclined to be part of that mission. Additionally, if your organization is raising a fund, sponsoring a local charity with their earnings, then employees are more than happy to be part of such a company whose ethical values are crucial to it.

5) The Gateway for Professional Growth
Professional GrowthWhen interviewed, survey participants said that the ability to learn, develop and grow boosted their self-confidence and motivated them to do well for their teams. Employees don’t want to feel that there is no scope of growth and knowledge-gaining in a job. It is in the hands of a manager to identify growth areas and put their employees in the spot to overcome challenges and grow with those opportunities. The more the growth opportunities, the more the happiness of working in a given job.

While there are many factors that drive employee performance and satisfaction at work, these elements are the most quickest ways to befriend your employee. Have you lately told your employee how much they matter?

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