Friday 17th March 2023

Nepal Stocks ‘92000 Tons of Rice’ to Address COVID-19 Crisis

So far, Nepal has reported 445 COVID-19 cases and two deaths.




Nepal Stocks ‘92000 Tons of Rice’ to Address COVID-19 Crisis

Apart from striving to prevent and control coronavirus in the country, the Nepali Government has managed to secure adequate food stock to relieve people from the food crisis.

So far, the Nepali Government has stocked 91,504 metric tonnes of rice with the Food Management and Trading Company Limited and the private sector traders.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies, the Trading Company has stocked 16,504 metric tonnes of rice grain while the private sectors stocked 75,000 metric tonnes.


Nepal Stocks '92000 Tons of Rice'

Other Essential Product Stocks include

Product  Quantity
Buckwheat 664 quintals
Beans 524 quintals
Wheat 557 tonnes
Lentils 16,099 tonnes
Salt 137,966 tonnes
Sugar 65,263 tonnes
Diesel 33,174 kl
Petrol 6,550 kl
Kerosene 2,142 kl
Aviation Fuel 7,034 kl
Cooking Gas 11,000 tonnes

Moreover, the Nepali Government is in the process of importing 83,967 tonnes of cooking oil.

Nepal Tons of Cooking Oil

So far, Nepal has reported 445 coronavirus positive cases and two death cases. Meanwhile, 45 patients were discharged after recovery.

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