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COVID-19 Crisis: Nepal Supreme Court Urges ‘Relief Package’ for Needy

So far, Nepal has allocated 1.5 billion for prevention and control of COVID-19





COVID-19 Crisis: Nepal Supreme Court Urges ‘Relief Package’ for Needy

In a bid to alleviate the financial burden on daily wage earners, the Nepali Supreme Court has ordered the government to provide immediate relief.

Earlier, advocate Bishnu Luitel filed a petition urging the government to provide immediate relief to the poor who have been struggling for necessities like food during the nationwide lockdown.

The apex court has also ordered the federal government to work with the province and local governments for the welfare of the daily earners and refugees.


The extension of nationwide lockdown enforced by the Nepali Government until April 7, 2020 has further complicated the life of poor.

Likewise, the Supreme Court has ordered all private hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients and suspects.

The order came in response to the media reports saying that the private hospitals have been declining to treat coronavirus suspects.

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Meanwhile, the Nepali Government has allotted NPR 1.5 billion for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus outbreak in the country.

  • NPR 850 million for the Ministry of Health and Population
  • NPR 500 million for the ‘COVID-19 Prevention, Control and Treatment Fund’
  • NPR 130 million to evacuate 174 Nepalis from Wuhan, China
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So far, Nepal has reported only five coronavirus infection cases. However, the government has never ceased to implement stringent policies to escape the worst from the coronavirus outbreak.

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As of today, the COVID-19 has infected 868,846 people while claiming 42,443 lives across 195 countries.

COVID-19 Global Cases (as of 01st April)

  • Confirmed Cases: 868,846
  • Deaths: 42,443
  • Serious: 28,678
  • Recovered:179,388
  • Countries Infected: 192/195

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