Friday 29th September 2023

Nepal Aviation Sector Bled NPR 37 billion Due to Pandemic

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Nepal Aviation Sector Bled NPR 37 billion Due to Pandemic

Nepal’s aviation sector has suffered massively due to the pandemic, as it lost NPR 37 billion as of mid-July 2021. The startling revelation was made by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

The civil authority stated that figures pertaining to the losses were calculated on the earnings the aviation industry made over the previous years.

The airline corporations lost NPR 25 billion in the period spanning from March 2020 to July 2021. The civil authority lost NPR 12 billion during this period. The authority oversees and operates airports across Nepal.


Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines Corporation suffered the biggest loss among the civilian airlines, as it lost NPR 7 billion during this period. Trailing behind it is Himalaya Airlines, an international flight operator, which lost NPR 3 billion.

Domestic airline owners bled NPR 15 billion in total.

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