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Nepal Scales World’s Tallest Mountain, Mt. Qomolangma

According to DoS, so far Mount Qomolangma's measurement is complete up to 2,800 m



Nepal Scales World’s Tallest Mountain, Mt. Qomolangma

Nepal has made its first expedition to Mt. Qomolangma – ‘World’s Tallest Mountain’ but with a different mission.

Yes! The country decided to scale the height of the mammoth mount only to measure its height.

In an expedition that begin in February 2018, Nepal’s Department of Survey (DoS) sent a team of 27 members to conduct this operation.


According to DoS, it is measuring the mount’s height after the massive 2015 earthquake devastated Nepal. Many countries have conducted expeditions on the mount bringing out different results on its height. However, Nepal has never been on an expedition to the tallest mountain within its boundary.

Height Scaled Until Now

DoS said, so far the measurement is complete up to 2,800 m from sea level.

Additionally, the team has installed temporary benchmarks within a gap of every 200 m and permanent ones in every 2 kms to eliminate any scope for error in measurement.

At ground level, the team has measured 170 km in distance from Madar in Siraha district to the southern edge of Sulukhubu district that is home to Mt. Qomolangma.

“We completed the work of precise leveling in 170-km-long distance from Madar to Solukhumbu. Now, we have to work on the 78-km-long distance to complete the work,” said Sushil Dangol, Coordinator, Everest Height Measurement Secretariat, DoS.

Rain Obstructs Survey

The progress of the mission was hindered due to rainy season throughout July, August, and September.

Resuming works on October 24, 2018, the Department sent the 27-member team with two tasks— continue precise leveling in Solukhumbu district and gravity observation works in several locations in districts surrounding Mt. Qomolangma.

“The work of precise leveling will be performed up to the height around 4,000 m from the sea level. Another mythology–trigonometrical leveling will be performed above the areas from 4,000 m because human and equipment cannot be taken there for the precise leveling easily,” said Bibek Nepal, Engineer at Everest Height Measurement Secretariat.

DoS has established a deadline of 2019-end for measurement competition and results.

Following are the height estimates made by several countries and survey groups:

  • According to India’s 1954 survey, Nepal has so far recognized 8,848 m as Qomolangma’s altitude
  • China which first estimated the mount’s height in 1975, reassessed its height at 8,844.43 and further 3.5 m with snow
  • US National Geography and Museum of Science, Boston measured the height of the peak at 8,850 m including snow in 1999

DoS has planned to measure the height of the mountain with and without snow and rope in an international expert during data processing to claim international recognition for the achievement.

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