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Traffickers Finding it Easy with Nepali Passports


Traffickers Finding it Easy with Nepali Passports

July 5, 2017

Amid fears over escape checks, traffickers are reportedly using Nepali passports for their illegal activities.

As the sources report, young girls from the northeast part of India are being trafficked to the Southeast Asian and Middle East destinations in the name of job opportunities, via Nepali passports.


Owing to the complexity in getting Middle East visas on Indian passports, the recruitment agents are reportedly getting the work done through Nepali passports, with all the related paper works done in Kathmandu.

“Over 100 girls from the northeast and northern part of West Bengal, India were trafficked in the last two years, nearly 50-60% of them on passports issued by Nepal,” Hasina Kharbhih, founder of anti-trafficking charity Impulse NGO Network told sources.

To overcome Indian immigration checks, traffickers are said to be finding alternate routes through the neighboring Nepal.

While the Myanmar route is being used for transporting to Southeast Asian destinations, such as Malaysia and Singapore, the Kathmandu airport (exchanging sometimes with Indian airports) has become the option to smuggle girls to Kuwait, Oman Gulf countries.

In the light of this issue, it’s time for Nepali officials to revisit their procedures.

July 5, 2017 |

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