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Parliament Adjourned Despite 53 Bills Due for Consideration


Parliament Adjourned Despite 53 Bills Due for Consideration

July 27, 2017

Lack of business has forced a seven-day adjournment of the Parliament yesterday. Bharat Raj Gautam, the Spokesperson for the Parliament Secretariat, said that there are 53 bills still due for consideration of which a few have been pending for almost three years. According to him, many bills under consideration would need to be passed by the Parliament on priority in order to comply with the constitutional deadline of conducting the local, provincial and parliamentary elections by January 21 next year.

The bills requiring urgent attention of the lawmakers include those pertaining to the election of the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Upper House of the Parliament, and election of the president and vice-president.

While the Parliament has previously debated and is ready to pass the bills related to civil code, penal code, social practice reform and rights of disabled persons, only 7 of the pending 53 bills are ready to be tabled.

July 27, 2017 |

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