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Nepal’s Biggest Festival Season: Hindus Observe Holy Fulpati Today


Nepal’s Biggest Festival Season: Hindus Observe Holy Fulpati Today

As part of Dashain festival that began on September 21, 2017, Nepalese today marked the celebration of the holy Fulpati ritual.

Fulpati is the second most important event of the 15-day long Dashain festival, celebrated on the seventh day after Ghatsthapana.

As part of the ritual, an assortment of jamara, belpatra, banana stalks and sugarcane sticks tied with red cloth, along with Kalash (filled with holy water on the Ghatsthapana day) is carried to Dashainghar in Hanuman Dhoka of Basantapur, Kathmandu on a decorated palanquin.


Following the tradition, six men of the Magar indigenous nationality carry Fulpati from Gorkha Durbar of the Gorkha district to Jivanpur in Dhading, which is then carried to Kathmandu by six other men belonging to the Kathmandu Brahman community.

Gurujyuko Platoon, Nepali police, Nepali Army and related high-ranking officials, panchebaja bands, decorated kalsyoulis, Asha Gurja team and a special procession in cultural attire leave Hanuman Dhoka for Jamal, to receive Fulpati.

Marking the Fulpati day celebration, the Nepali Army stages a parade at Tundikhel in Kathmandu and various government officials including high-level officials like President offer Tika and Jamara on the occasion.

According to Hanuman Dhoka Herchar Addha Chief Aruna Nakarmi, the Fulpati tradition began during the King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s rule.

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