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Nepal, Bangladesh Agree to Jointly Invest in Nepal Hydropower

The estimated annual cumulative output for the proposed projects is 42713.18 GW/hr



Nepal, Bangladesh Agree to Jointly Invest in Nepal Hydropower

Nepal and Bangladesh joined hands to jointly invest in several of Nepal’s hydropower projects at the two-day Joint Steering Committee (JSC) meeting on June 21, 2019.

The two countries’ energy secretaries decided to invest in 20 major hydropower projects including Dhudkoshi, 536 MW Sunkoshi III, 1,110 MW Sunkoshi II and Upper Arun hydropower projects.

Nepal Energy Secretary Dinesh Kumar Ghimire and Bangladesh Energy Secretary Abu Hena Md Rahamatul Muneem represented the two countries at the meeting.


The two countries also decided to hold discussions with India to export power from Nepal to Bangladesh using Indian electricity transmission lines through the Siliguri corridor.

The two nations also decided to collaborate on alternative energy, besides investing in hydropower projects and exporting electricity from Nepal to Bangladesh.

“We held discussions on enhancing energy trade and investment between the two countries,” said Ghimire, while sharing that the two nations also planned to build a new high-voltage transmission line to Bangladesh through India.

The given projects are an important part of Bangladesh’ policy to import 9,000 MW electricity from Nepal by 2040.

Nepal and Bangladesh Invest in Nepal Hydropower

The JSC meeting is a follow-up to the meeting that marked the Nepal-Bangladesh agreement on energy cooperation ‘Cooperation in the Field of Power Sector’ held in August 2018 in Kathmandu.

As part of their first meeting, both nations agreed to cooperate on:

  • Cross-border transmission lines
  • Development of efficient human resources in the hydroelectric sector
  • Development of hydroelectricity
  • Grid Connectivity
  • Investment in renewable energy
  • Promotion of Government-to-government and private sector investment and more

The agreement comes at a time when Nepal’s power generation is expected to increase in the next fiscal year with the initiation of 43 projects hydropower projects of 1149 MW installed capacity.

According to an official who attended the meeting, the estimated annual cumulative output for the proposed projects is 42713.18 GW/hr, almost 12 times Nepal’s current total output per year.

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