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Do you know? The world’s highest mountain had no name at the start! Originally known as ‘Peak B’ and later as ‘Peak XV’, the mountain drew its today’s name in

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Do you know? Nepal underwent a Dark Age from late 600s until 1200 and this is less known to the world. Nepal was once invaded by both Tibet and Kashmir

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Nepal has been an all-Hindu country until it was declared secular by its Parliament in 2006. Despite the existence of other religions, the country got its recognition as the ‘All-Hindu

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Because of its biodiversity that is one of richest in the world and unique variety of flora & fauna, Nepal is fondly called as ‘Amazon of Asia’. The country is

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Do you know? Nepali calendar is 67 years ahead of the Georgian calendar. Nepal follows a traditional vedic calendar called Bikram Sambhat, which is approximately 67 years and 8.5 months

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As a country that is mostly based on religious customs and traditions, Nepal gives high importance to arranged marriages. The bride and groom hardly will not meet or even see

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Though Nepali is the chief official language of the country, Nepalis have large number of ethnic groups people speaking hundreds of different languages. Literally not accents, its different languages. Do

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The head is believed to be sacred in Nepal. Careful! Ensure you don’t touch anyone’s head when you visit the nation next time. Nepalis also consider it as offensive to

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Nepali food culture is as appealing as the culture of the nation itself. Their national dish is called Dal-bhat-tarkari, which includes dal (lentils), bhat (rice) and a tarkari (vegetable), and

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Nepal’s Mehboob Alam is the first bowler in the world to capture all 10 wickets in a limited-overs ICC international cricket match. He achieved this feat playing against Mozambique in