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US Becomes New Epicentre of COVID-19 Pandemic

The US has surpassed China and now has the highest number of coronavirus cases.






US Becomes New Epicentre of COVID-19 Pandemic

The deadly COVID-19 continues to rapidly spread in many countries, including the United States, with the global cases now reaching 538,693.

Surprisingly, the US has surpassed China and now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world.

A series of missteps including failure to take the COVID-19 outbreak seriously, an impaired effort to provide broad coronavirus testing and dire shortage of essential protective gear has incited the USA to become the new epicentre of the pandemic.


As of today, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US has reached 85,594 while China has 81,340 cases and Italy has 80,589 cases.

However, the coronavirus death toll in the US, which is at 1,307, lags behind China’s 3,292 and Italy’s 8,215.

Among the USA states, New York is experiencing a large-scale outbreak with 39,000 infection cases and 469 death cases (as of 27 March 2020).

Average number of COVID-19 Cases Each Day

US Citizens in Nepal

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Kathmandu has urged the Nepali Government to assist them in retrieving their citizens from Nepal. The US Embassy is looking for various fight options to airlift Americans after it receives permission from the Nepali Government.

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“Arrangements such as these take time, as there are many moving parts, so we ask for patience and that all shelter in place until we have further information about a flight or multiple flights,” said the US Embassy.

“In preparation, we are asking all US citizens who are interested in departing Nepal, even if you have already been in contact with us,” added the US Embassy.

So far, Nepal has reported only 3 coronavirus positive cases. However, the first case has already recovered and discharged.

Global Overview

As of March 27, 2020, the coronavirus has spread to 195 countries infecting 538,693 people and claiming 24,087 lives.

Coronavirus Pandemic Cases 27th March 2020

However, the experts claim that the confirmed coronavirus cases are far under the actual total number.

Here are the top 10 countries currently facing the worst outbreaks-

  • USA – 85,500 cases, 1,300 deaths
  • China – 81,340 cases, 3,292 deaths
  • Italy – 80,589 cases, 8,215 deaths
  • Spain – 57,786 cases, 4,365 deaths
  • Germany – 43,938 cases, 267 deaths
  • Iran – 29,406 cases, 2,234 deaths
  • France – 29,155 cases, 1,696 deaths
  • Switzerland – 11,811 cases, 192 deaths
  • UK – 11,658 cases, 578 deaths
  • Korea – 9,332 cases, 139 deaths

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