Saturday 18th March 2023

Nepal Receives COVID-19 Aid from Austria and Other Countries

Over the past weeks, various countries have come forward to help Nepal fight the pandemic




Nepal Receives COVID-19 Aid from Austria and Other Countries

To help Nepal combat the deadly virus, Austria, Slovenia and Malta have sent medical resources. Nepal received the aid on Sunday evening.

The EU delegation, who oversaw the medical aid handover, said that the EU states had done this humane act through EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

30,000 face masks and 2,400 antigen were some of the vital supplies that the Asian country received.


“This is in response to the government of Nepal’s earlier call for support. Slovenia, Austria, and Malta’s goodwill gesture for Nepal comes immediately after Spain, Finland, France, Belgium and Germany provided their support in the recent weeks and more emergency supplies from Ireland, Italy, Denmark Lithuania to come,” the delegation said.

Nepal Receives COVID-19 Aid from Austria

The Consul Generals of Austria and Slovenia were joined by Nona Deprez, EU Ambassador to Nepal, when they transferred this aid to Roshan Pokhrel, Chief Specialist of Nepal Health Ministry.

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