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US Theaters ‘Shutdown’ Over Coronavirus Crisis

The US reported 6,522 coronavirus infection cases and 116 death cases.


US Theaters ‘Shutdown’ Over Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ has been causing upheaval across the global economies while disrupting the normal life completely.

Countries across the world curtailed many elements of human life to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The governments were restricting travel, locking down cities, closing borders, cancelling events and banning public gatherings as the world sank deeper into chaos over the coronavirus crisis.


The restrictions also include closing educational institutes, bars, pubs, restaurants, food courts and shopping malls.

COVID-19 Update in USA

Likewise, the US movie theaters have closed nationwide shutting down all the 40,000-plus screens.

The largest chains including AMC Theaters, Regal and Cinemark had tried to remain open even as Hollywood cancelled its new movie releases.

But after President Trump recommended ‘no more than 10 people in one place’, the major chains have closed their movie theaters for an indefinite period.

AMC Theaters, the nation’s largest chain, announced that all its theaters will be closed for anywhere between 6-12 weeks.

“We are ever so disappointed for our moviegoing guests and for our employee teams that the new CDC guidelines that Americans should not gather in groups larger than 10 people make it impossible to open our theaters,” said AMC CEO Adam Aron.

Regal, the second-largest chain, said that its 543 theaters will be closed until further notice.

Cinemark Theaters

Likewise, Cinemark, the next biggest chain, announced that all its 345 movie theaters will be closed for am indefinite period.

“Through these absolutely unprecedented and evolving times, one thing will not change, and that is Cinemark’s dedication to its team members and moviegoers,” said Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi.

“The decision to close our U.S. theaters was incredibly tough, but we know it is the right thing to do as global Coronavirus concerns continue to escalate.”

Likewise, most of the European cinemas have already shut down, like those in China, India and elsewhere.

The US Government reported that the coronavirus has spread to all its 55 states infecting 6,522 people and killing 116.

  • New York: 1,653 Cases, 12 Deaths
  • Washington: 1,012 Cases, 54 Deaths
  • California: 636 Cases, 11 Deaths
  • New Jersey:267 Cases, 3 Deaths
  • Florida: 216 Cases, 7 Deaths
  • Louisiana: 196 Cases, 4 Deaths
  • Colorado: 183 Cases, 2 Deaths
  • Illinois: 160 Cases, 1 Death
  • Georgia: 146 Cases, 1 Death
  • Virginia: 67 Cases, 2 Deaths
  • Oregon: 65 Cases, 1 Death
  • Texas: 64 Cases, 2 Deaths
  • Nevada: 55 Cases, 1 Death
  • South Carolina: 47 Cases, 1 Death
  • Indiana: 30 Cases, 2 Deaths
  • Kentucky: 26 Cases, 1 Death
  • South Dakota: 11 Cases, 1 Death

Since its inception, the coronavirus disease has spread to 167 countries, with the majority in China, Italy, South Korea, and Iran.

Around 198,737 infection cases have been confirmed globally with around 7,989 death cases.

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