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US Embassy Clarifies Confusions on US Visa Law Regarding Communist Party Members!

A new administrative guidance from the US Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) has sparked the confusion.



US Embassy Clarifies Confusions on US Visa Law Regarding Communist Party Members!

The US Embassy in Kathmandu issued a press release on Tuesday to clarify the confusion regarding the US visa pertaining to the members of communist parties or totalitarian regimes.

The Embassy had put a check to a few news stories that have published misleading information about US visas. It said that the Nepali Communist Party members are not automatically barred from traveling or immigrating to the US, but each visa case is adjudicated individually.

Recently, the US Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued administrative guidance to the USCIS officers for the immigration applications of foreigners already within the US. This news has sparked confusion.


US Embassy in Kathmandu

According to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INC), passed by the US Congress in 1952, people are barred from immigration to the US based on membership in or affiliation with Communist or any other totalitarian party.

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However, the US Embassy clarified that the law features many exceptions and waivers, allowing party members to immigrate to the US, if qualified. It said that the INA does not impact people wanting to visit the US temporarily with a non-immigrant visa.

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“The US welcomes those with diverse backgrounds and beliefs to apply for visas.  We also respect Nepal’s multiparty democracy and will continue to work with the country’s elected government and people to advance bilateral ties and strengthen democracy as we’ve been doing for the past 73 years,” stated the Embassy.

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