Friday 2nd December 2022

Nepal tourism may take a couple of years to rebound: Govt

Due to the pandemic, the Himalayan country’s tourism sector went under the weather



Nepal tourism may take a couple of years to rebound: Govt

The Nepali government has projected its tourism industry to recover in about two years to its former glory. Tourism is one of the major revenue streams of the Asian nation.

The National Planning Commission observed that the tourism sector could take two years to welcome tourists as it did before the onset of COVID-19.

From July 2019 to July 2020, 1 million and 197,000 foreigners touristed Nepal. Despite the government announcing the Visit Nepal Year 2020 tourist campaign, the tourism sector didn’t pick up pace due to the tepid tourist response. The campaign was shut down after three months, owing to the pandemic.


With the fiscal year ending next month, the country realized that around 230,000 tourists visited the country. The numbers are unlikely to increase as the second wave has paralyzed most of the world. This happens to be the lowest tourism footfalls recorded in two decades.

Nepal Tourist Campaign

The country’s planning division estimated that 500,000 tourists would visit Nepal in the next fiscal year. The numbers will double in the fiscal year of 2022/23, which will be close to the FY 2019/20 level.

The poor performance of tourism has attracted the ire of tourism entrepreneurs. They opined that the government failed to provide a proper strategy on the revival of tourism after the pandemic.

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